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1. The hotel is currently completely booked. This means that if you try to get a room, you probably won't get one.

2. Please email if you would like a room and (now) can't get one. If a block of rooms opens up, this will give us an idea of how many to reserve. This is important even if you end up sharing a room and would rather not share a room, since the next time there's a filk convention in the area, it's good to know how many rooms we want to reserve.

3. This also means, since we would love to make sure everyone who wants to make Contata can do so, that we are willing to facilitate room sharing.

a. If you have a room and would like to have more people in it to help split they cost, company, or just to help a filker out, email saying who is in the room and how many people you would like to/prefer to share with, and any other relevant details (like if there are specific people you would never want to share with, specific types of people you would prefer to share with or prefer not to share with, etc).

b. If you don't have a room and would like to share one with a willing person or people, email with pretty much the same information (how many people are you, how many would you like to share with, etc), and we'll try to match you up. But also include if you would prefer not to share a room so we can use that info to decide how many rooms to reserve if it turns out a block opens up.
We will also be posting the list of nearby hotels from three years ago, but as we found then, nearby hotels are universally a couple of miles away, so it's much more practical for drivers than pedestrians.

Thanks and hope to see you at the con!
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This year, Contata continues its proud tradition (on the principle that anything you do three times in a row is a tradition) of non-vocal guests!

2005: Guest of Honor Carla Ulbrich came down with laryngitis, so the GoH concert featured “Carla-oke” -- audience members requested songs for Carla to play on her guitar while they sang.
2008: Toastmaster Tom Smith injured his leg only weeks before the convention, so the Toastmaster concert became a “sing Tom Smith covers” benefit concert to raise money for his medical bills and recovery.
2011: Guest of Honor Judi Miller, sign interpreter extraordinaire, performed with all her usual non-vocal brilliance during everybody else’s concerts -- and also sang during her own show. (No accidents or illness interfered. We thought we might be onto something.)
2014: Guest of Honor Amy McNally, phenomenal fiddler, also sang some during her concert -- but mostly played to beat the devil. (We made notes. Definitely a trend worth pursuing.)

Which brings us to ...

2017: Guest of Honor Bob Kanefsky, filk’s premiere parodist! … who very seldom sings in public. So our GoH concert this year will be a Kanefsky Cabaret, or Kabarefsky, in which other filkers will sing Bob’s parodies on stage.

Interested in being a Kabarefsky performer? Contact, or reply here.
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The topic for our song contest will be: “Socially Transmitted Earworm (or, I Got It From …)”

Entries must be new songs written since the end of last year’s NEFilk convention (i.e., after July 3rd, 2016). Songs set to original tunes and parodies of existing tunes are both acceptable.

All entries must be performed at the convention. If you cannot attend (or prefer not to perform), someone else may present your entry.

A copy of the lyrics should be provided at the time of performance for the use of our judges. Songs are judged on the quality of the lyrics and appropriateness to the topic, not on the quality of the performance.


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